Thursday, January 5, 2012

    A picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

      Blogging is not as simple as one might think. It is not just a matter of writing whatever you want to an audience you may or may not have. It needs to be interesting and hopefully witty. Yesterday I sent a copy of my blog to my daughters. Both were communication majors in college. While encouraging of my endeavour, my oldest said it was flat. I needed pictures to illustrate what I was doing, I agreed wholeheartedly.
     As a former teacher, I spent many years teaching elementary writing. But you know, it is a lot easier to tell someone  what to do than remember to do it yourself, And of course, the teacher came out and focused on mechanics, which was the last thing I told my students to focus on. Be creative, then work on the mechanics. But, as I said in my first blog, it is important to learn new things.    
     Blogging is new to me,There is a lot to it that you don't see. Last night, instead of blogging, I concentrated on learning to put pictures up. First try, copy and paste. Nada, just a lonely cursor. Oh look, there is a way to upload pictures, from my computer,so that is what that picture in the toolbar is.No problem. But I wanted to upload some pictures from the internet. Upload url? Just a bunch of gobbledygook. Oh look, there is a tab for html, I wonder what that does? Nice now it works. Okay, next problem.  I have pictures on my iphone. How do I get them to my blog in the easiest way? Finally figured out how to email them a few at a time. Couldn't do all of them. But that is a lot of work. What about Dropbox? Can I move them into my dropbox? Nope not yet. Feeling frustrated and a little woozy after a few glasses of wine, I went to the internet. It seems there is a nifty little iphone app called dropphox. Only 1.99. Normally I don't buy apps (I am really cheap) but I had a credit so why not. Too late for the pictures I have already taken, but new ones will automatically go to dropbox and I will be able to get them from any computer now. As you can see, I was pretty busy last night but by the time I got all this figured out, I was too tired to blog so I am catching up today and will post about my decluttering from the last two days and include pictures! "Yea!" the crowd roars, ***************************************************************************************************************************************
Declutter Days 4 and 5
     Yesterday my task was to declutter the top shelf of a cabinet.  Today's task was to go through your spices. But since I was cleaning a shelf and sorting anyway, I decided to do Friday's task which is to get your cans together. Spices on Friday. As an ex-school teacher flexibillity is the name of the game.
      I know there is a lot of white space below and it is terrible page composition but that will be my next blogging lesson.  Tomorrow, I will be working on my spice cabinet.  Ciao muchachos!
All this came off of 2 shelves

Finished project


I threw lots of  stuff away, jello, koolaid,  and 5 year old chili to name a few.  I really need to go shopping now.  As you can see above not many canned gooods but that meant it was easy to organize them.  The second shelf is breakfast stuff.  There are 2shelves left and I will probably put coffee and teas and the last shelf cake mixes.

This was thrown away.

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