Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Declutter and Dust your cabinet tops

      I know this blog is supposed to be about handling retirement and it really is.  This decluttering is part of my journey.  It is all about cleaning my mind as well as my house.  I have worked in some capacity since I was twelve years old.  And retirement is a big change. I kind of had a trial retirement  when I officially retired in 2007.  I had to wait six months before I could return to work in the school system.  In that six months I gained twenty pounds which I am still trying to lose.  As the six months wore on I  found myself sleeping later, taking a nap and watching a lot of TV. Not good!  So.... I joined a book club, started volunteering, going out to lunch a lot,(hence the 20 pounds)shopping,etc.  Soon I had no free time.  Not good either. I knew I needed a balance. As luck would have it my six months were up.  Sounds like a jail sentence doesn't it? Anyway I got an interim job and taught for another three and a half years. 
     Now it seems I really am retired, but I have learned some lessons.           

  1. Get involved in something physical
  2. Choose only a few activities
  3. Choose moderation
  4. Have fun!
Easier said than done but I will eventually get where I need to be.

       Now for day 3 of decluttering.  Today was definitely a no brainer.  Clean and dust the top of your cabinets.  I only have 3 and it took 10 minutes because there is really nothing on them,except for lots of dust of course.  Probably haven't been dusted since they were put in  in 2005. 
     Since I had the day ahead with nothing to do because plans with some friends were cancelled , I had a choice, don't get dressed and watch TV or straighten out my table linens. Experience told me that to  watch tv all day was a terrible idea.  Table linens it was.  I had no idea I had accumulated so many napkins and table cloths.  Five drawers were crammed with the linens. I went through the tablecloths today and separated the everyday cloths and vintage into two piles.  I also sorted through the antique linens from two grandmothers.  I had forgotten how beautiful they were with all the handwork.  If I can figure out how to photograph them and do them justice I will try and post them tomorrow.  Thank God for storage totes.  What did we do without them?  Any way they are folded and stored.  Next task is to go through all the napkins and placemats.  Any suggestions on the best way to clean the linen and damask napkins?
Tomorrow's task: declutter one cabinet shelf.
     Well it is my birthday today so night all.  I think I will eat cake.  

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